November 28, 2017

Are you ready to burn some fat with me?

It’s always good for you mentally and physically to change up your workouts and exercises. I personally change mine every 4 weeks. I’m talking drastic changes, too. I love the variety and I love the new challenges. Take each one of these top exercises and plug them into your routine. You’ll see a better set of abs, more ripped arms, and some powerful legs!

1. Plank Hand Walk-Ups

This is a core crusher that yields serious results by giving you that flat tummy we all want. It looks easy, but after 20 seconds you’re going to be burning like hell. Squeeze your butt the entire time and keep your arms as straight as possible.

2. Face Melters

Another one to crush your core! Hold your position strong with your core while moving your lower body on and off the chair, bed, couch or whatever you got. This one is great for travel.

3. Landmine Squat & Press

Landmine exercises are endless. The requirement to hold that bar creates a really good angle for your body to squat and press. Load that sucker up and use your entire body!

4. Anti-Gravity Press

Wow! This one sets your rear delts (back of your shoulders) on fire! Seriously, I’ve yet to meet a harder shoulder exercise. I love/hate this one, and it’s helped a ton with my shoulder injuries.

5. Bear Crawls

Bears crawl everywhere and we all know how strong and fast they are. If you stripped away that bear belly, I bet you’d find a set of abs looking like an ice tray! Crawling is great for both warming up and for sweating your ass off.

6. Reverse Lunge & Punch

Boxing will be big in 2017. It just feels good to throw a punch. Combine that with a Reverse Lunge and you’ll get full body burner!

7. Plank Ups

I love Planks, but I get bored easy, so sitting still really isn’t my thing. This breaks up the monotony and will seriously nail your abs!

8. Sprinter Squats

Get ready for the sides of your legs to ignite. I’m an athlete so I love doing athletic movements. I love doing this for a warm-up or for right after a heavy squat. Burn that booty!

9. Plank One-Arm Rotations

This nails your core while holding the Plank but then engages the back of your shoulders and pecs when you pull the dumbbell through. Another great one for either warm-up or  finisher.

10. Kettlebell Cross & Press

Now we get tricky. Pulling across your body engages the lats and shoulders, but the initial pull starts with the glute muscles! You get a full-body burner!

There you go! Like I said before, plug these top exercises into your normal routine and you’ll see some big-time changes!

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